ZGLEDUN LDM9 Intelligent MCCB manufacturer molded Case Circuit Breaker ( New Small Size)

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Product Description:

ZGLEDUN LDM9(New small size) molded case circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as MCCB) is one of the new circuit breakers developed by our company with international advanced design and manufacturing technology. Its rated insulation voltage is DC 1000V. It is suitable to be used to distribute eletricity and protect electric lines and equipment from overcurrent, short circuit,undervoltage damages in distribution network circuits of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage of not higher than 690V and the rated working current from 10A to 800A. Also the MCCB can be used to infrequently start electromotor and prevent overcurrent, short circuit,undervoltage damages.

The MCCB has the characteristics of small size, high breaking capacity, short arcing, and anti-vibration.
The MCCB can be installed vertically (ie vertical installation) or horizontally (ie horizontal installation).
This MCCB meets standard IEC60947-2, GB14048.2
This MCCB can be customized to suit your needs.

Product Features:

Current limiting capability – Current limiting is to limit the rise of the short-circuit current. In the loop protected by LDM9 series products, the peak value of the short-circuit current and the 12t energy will be much less than the expected value.

U-shaped static contact design – The unique U-shaped static contact can realize pre-breaking technology: when the short-circuit current flows through the contact system,the electric power generated on the U-shaped static contact and the movable contact repels each other. The greater the short-circuit current, the greater the repulsive electromotive force, and it is generated at the same time as the short circuit current occurs. Before the tripping action occurs, the electrodynamic repulsion force can separate the moving and static contacts, and the equivalent resistance between them can be increased by lengthening the arc to achieve the purpose of suppressing the rise of short-circuit current.

Frame miniaturization
6 Frame rated currenTypes for LDM9 series MCCB: 125A, 160 A, 250A, 40 A, 630A, 800 A

This MCCB Series with Contact Repellent Device (Patented Technology) :
When the circuit breaker is closed , axis 2 acts on the right side of the spring angle. When the circuit breaker has a large fault current, the moving contact will receive the electric repulsion force generated by the current itself and rotate around axis 1. When the axis 2 rotates with movable contact and goes past the top of the elastic corner, the movable contact is quickly rotated upwards to break the circuit quickly under the reaction of the spring. Through the optimization of the contact structure, the breaking capacity of the product is improved.

Intelligent Smart MCCB:

The communication network is simpler and more convenient. It is convenient to connect to the Modbus communication system through a dedicated connection. LDM9/LDM9E with communication function can be equipped with optional monitoring unit accessories to realize cabinet door display, reading, setting and control.


Modularization of Arc Extinguishing System :

Modularization of Arc Extinguishing System



Series LDM9 MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breaker – New Small Size
Image Model No. Rated Current Unit Quantity in a Carton
yopgh6kaet LDM9-125M/3300 10A-125A PC 20
LDM9-125H/3300 16A-125A PC 20
LDM9-160S/3300 16A-160A PC 16
LDM9-160H/3300 16A-160A PC 16
LDM9-250S/3300 100A-250A PC 12
LDM9-250H/3300 100A-250A PC 12
LDM9-400H/3300 250A-400A PC 4
LDM9-630H/3300 500A-630A PC 4
LDM9-800H/3300 700A-800A PC 2
LDM9-1250H/3300 1000A PC 2
LDM9-1250H/3300 1250A PC 2
btooyyfdn LDM9-125M/4300 10A-125A PC 20
LDM9-160S/4300 16A-125A PC 12
LDM9-160S/4300 140A-160A PC 12
LDM9-160H/4300 16A-125A PC 12
LDM9-160H/4300 140A-160A PC 12
LDM9-250S/4300 100A-250A PC 12
LDM9-250H/4300 100A-250A PC 8
LDM9-400H/4300 250A-400A PC 2
LDM9-630H/4300 500A-630A PC 2
LDM9-800H/4300 700A-800A PC 2
LDM9-1250H/4300 1000A PC 2
LDM9-1250H/4300 1250A PC 2
Products can be customized to suit your needs.

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  • 1. Most of new products are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery, some for 18 months;
    2. All products sent for repair shall be guaranteed for 6 months after repair;
    3. Paid repair service can be provided for products beyond the warranty period.

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