IoT Smart MCCB, ZGLEDUN Intelligent Molded Case Circuit Breaker LDM9EL-125

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ZGLEDUN Series LDM9EL-125     Product Main Function:

◊ Long-delay, short-delay and instantaneous three-stage protection, using electronic tripping, has nothing to do with the power supply voltage.

◊ It has high breaking capacity to ensure the reliability of line short-circuit protection.

◊ Built-in electric operating mechanism to realize remote opening and closing.

◊ Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, phase loss protection.

◊ Real-time display of line residual current, three-phase power supply voltage, load current, power, and electricity.

◊ The protection functions and parameters can be set and modified online.

◊ The trip type (residual current, blocking, overload, undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss) is identified and displayed, and can be stored, inquired, and deleted.

◊ With communication function, it can realize the push of alarm information of voltage, current, load, open circuit, leakage and other faults and abnormality of power lines.

◊ It can be connected to a variety of communication modules, 4G, WIFI, power broadband carrier (HPLC), Ethernet, etc.

◊ Integrated six chips

Main Technical Parameters
Limit Current (A) 125A/63A
Overload and Overcurrent Warning Early warning if rated current over 100A and power-off protection if rated load is125A (within 10 seconds). 
Rated Working Voltage Ue (V) AC400V 50/60HZ
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (V) 1000
Arcing Distance (mm) ≯50
Ultimate Short-circuit Breaking Capacity  Icu(KA) 50
Operating Short-circuit Breaking Capacity Ics(KA) 35
Rated Residual Short-circuit Making (Breaking) Capacity I∆m(KA) 12.5
Residual Current Operating Characteristics AC-Type
Rated Residual Operating Current  I∆m(mA) 50/100/200/300/400/500/600/800 Automatic OFF  
Time Characteristics of Residual Current Action Delay type/Non-delay type
Software Leakage Warning If the leakage is higher than 200mA (within 10 seconds), it will give an early warning.And if it is higher than 300mA (within 10 seconds), it will alarm and power off.
Delay Type Limit Non-driving Time (s) 2I∆n: 0.06
Breaking Time (s) Time-delay Type I∆n ≤ 0.5
Non Time-delay Type I∆n ≤ 0.3
Remote Closing Time (s) 15~23
Operational Performance (times) Power On  3000
Power Off 10000
Total 13000
Overload and Short Circuit Characteristics Three-stage Protection, Electronically Adjustable
Overvoltage Protection Value (V) Setting Value (260 ~275)±5%
Undervoltage protection value (V) Setting Value (185 ~175)±5%
Joint Control Delay Time (ms) ≤ 40 ms
Communication Delay Time (ms) ≤ 200 ms
Over Temperature Warning Early warning when the line temperature exceeds 100°C.And the alarm is turned off when it exceeds 120°C.
Temperature Monitoring The MCCB internally detects the overcurrent temperature of the line, and monitors the temperature at six points of the incoming and outgoing lines.
Electricity Measurement Electricity Statistics


Applicable Working Environment and Installation Conditions
Protection Class  IP22
Working Ambient Temperature  -40ºC ~70ºC 
Heat and Humidity Resistance  Class II
Altitude  ≤ 2000 m
Pollution Level  II
Installation Environment  A place without significant shock and vibration
Installation Category  III
Installation Method  DIN Standard Rail
Note: The installation site should be free of conductive dust, corrosive gas, inflammable and explosive gas, and free from rain and snow. The magnetic field strength of the external magnetic field of the installation site is more than 5 times that of the earth’s magnetic field. The installation location should have good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions.

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